The Baywood Tavern was established in 2018 by Ben and Jenn Dougherty.  Ben Dougherty was born and raised in Baywood Park, and has been a local here most of his life. His parents, Jan and John Dougherty are the founders and original owners of Nardonne’s La Famiglia Pizzeria.  Ben grew up in the restaurant industry, as Nardonne’s was opened the year he was born in 1976, right here in the sleepy little Central Coast town of Baywood Park. In the mid nineties, Ben moved up to Carmel to pursue a career as a PGA Golfer.  He became a PGA Teaching Pro and worked at many prestigious golf course up and down the California Coast.  From Pebble Beach, to Montecito Country Club, to Four Season Aviara Resort in San Diego, to Sherwood Country Club in Westlake Village, he has a well-rounded view on the service and hospitality industry.  As well as having a history as an athlete, in the NCAA, Jenn also has a background in business management.  She was an Operations Manager for a small boutique asset management firm in Westlake Village when she met Ben and she has a well-rounded knowledge in the operations/management side of the business.

He met his wife Jenn in 2008 while they were both working and living in Westlake Village, California.  They decided to take a chance on being restaurant owners, and asked Ben’s parents if they could open a Nardonne’s Pizzeria and bring Nardonne’s back to the forefront here on the Central Coast!  They were living in the Santa Barbara area at the time, so they opened their first restaurant together in 2012 a month after they had their third child.  Jenn was pregnant with their son Flynn through the whole year they were building the restaurant in Santa Barbara.  After a few years living and doing business in Santa Barbara, collectively, as a family, they decided they wanted more and they decided to make move north to Ben’s hometown of Baywood Park.  They sold their Santa Barbara location, bought a house in Baywood, re-opened Nardonne’s in it’s hometown for an amazing homecoming and best of all, partnered with Ben’s parents to bring the whole family back together to run the family business!

After three years back in Baywood, Ben and Jenn came across the opportunity to purchase the building the Baywood Tavern is now located in.  While they love their family business of Nardonne’s Pizzeria, Ben and Jenn wanted to secure a long lasting future in this community by investing into some commercial property in the area.  They also always had a dream of being able to have a gastro-pub type establishment that has great food, great beer and wine, and also a great vibe for locals and tourists alike to enjoy and visit, that is a separate option and complimentary to Nardonnes.  Music is something that Ben and Jenn share as a love, a passion, and a hobby.  In their free time, you can find them at a local concert, live music venue, or listening to some local musicians jamming down in the Tavern.

If you see us around, please don’t be shy.  We love meeting new people, and we are so grateful to have this place to share with you all.

Peace & Love

The Dougherty’s